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From engagements and weddings to family shoots, portraits, maternity shoots, and the famous aerial photography, Barbados offers endless possibilities to create magical, mystical, cheerful, or abstract pictures one would cherish for a lifetime.
Design Central, owned by Andrew O’dell, an award-winning photographer, is famous for the fantastic range of pictures they click and create.
Whether you are local or have chosen Barbados as the destination for engagement, wedding, holiday, partying, or for any other important event of your life, you will need a photographer to capture the moments and freeze them forever.

Wedding Photography

Choosing a photographer is easier said than done for most people. Tourists find it confusing and scary even. Planning a destination wedding or an event in an unknown or a new place adds to the stress. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Barbados photography and local photographers go hand in hand.
Be it the exact time to get the perfect sunset backdrop of the wedding shoot or capturing the glory of the lush tropical gardens where the bride and groom say I do, we know how to choose and pick the spots to take mesmerizing pictures. They will always remind you of the tender moments of your wedding, even after years.
We are one of the top companies to provide expert services for wedding photography in Barbados. We offer our best to all our clients- locals and tourists. Quality and client satisfaction are our priorities, and we never compromise on our ethics.

Cinematography and Videography

Wedding pictures are all fun and cozy, but wouldn’t a video be great? It’s like watching the key moments come alive each time the video plays. You can relive the special time again and again. Sharing a trailer of your wedding on social media is a sure way to give your friends a glimpse of the lovely day, isn’t it?
Our eye for detail and experience at graphic designing, coupled with our professional yet friendly approach, helps us capture the heartwarming moments, which are subtle and easy to miss amidst the flurry of wedding activities.
Design Central is also famous for being one of the reputed Barbados wedding videographers. Be it a few moments from behind the scenes of the wedding to the actual ceremony, the décor and food, the reception, and fun afterward, we will create a trailer with the magical moments and present it to you with aplomb.

Brands and Promotions

We also offer promotional video shoots and interior photoshoots for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other businesses. We design logos that are a perfect reflection of the business and its owners.
As professional photographers and graphic designers, we understand the importance of visuals. A well-composed picture can attract thousands of eyes and promote the business on the international market. As a favorite island for tourism, the businesses in Barbados have great opportunities to prove their worth.
Every region of the island has something to offer each Barbados Photographer.

Portraits and Aerial Photography

Design Central has gained popularity for some of the most breathtaking, comprehensive, intense, and gripping portraits that bring out the various moods of our clients. Tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll set the mood, tone, and theme of the pictures just as you wanted.
Aerial views have a strange allure to them. They bring in an all-new perspective and show us the broader picture. Weddings, family shoots, or promotional videos, aerial photography is one of the services we offer to our clients. Throw in an aerial picture into the mix and see how it adds to the beauty of the entire packet of photographs.
Contact us for more details about your Barbados wedding video and other photography and graphic design services. We also travel internationally for destination weddings in other locations.

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